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A state registered nurse says :

"I am writing in praise of your product (the mussel extract). Nearly 2 years ago I developed rheumatoid arthritis of both wrists and spondylitis of the cervical spine.

My doctor prescribed the usual anti-inflammatory drugs but as a nurse, having seen the side effects of these drugs on patients, I was naturally reluctant to take the medication.

Leading a very busy life as a wife, mother and holding down a full time nursing job I decided to try other things. I tried homeopathy, which was expensive and not at all successful.

Then I read an article on the mussel extract. I toyed with the idea of trying it then at the company where I work as the Occupational Health Nursing Sister. I talked to a young man who was a sufferer of poly arthritis and had a hip replacement operation. He told me that he had a book on the green-lipped mussel, which he let me read.

I was impressed and decided to try a course of the capsules. This was in April. The book said that some people had to take the capsules for several months before experiencing relief. I was prepared to persevere. I was pretty desperate at the time. I was very unwell, low in health and spirit. Unable to sleep at night, loss of power in my arms, shoulders, wrists and hands. I considered I was in the prime of life (49) and had 10 years or so to go to retire from my nursing job. I found that in the mornings I could hardly lift my arms to dress and comb my hair. The pain was excruciating but I would not be beaten and continued to go to work each day.

I took the maximum dose of the mussel extract daily. Very slowly I began to notice an improvement by the summer months May/June. The heat and swelling began to ease in the wrists. Then some days the pain would return to its maximum, especially if I was overtired or had done certain household jobs but somehow I felt I could cope a little better.

By September, I knew that I was atleast getting true results. Restful nights, a feeling of well being, only an occasional mild ache in the neck, wrists, shoulders and muscles. Infact so slight to what I was having that I could almost ignore the discomfort."

This describes the emotional and relief stages that sufferers of arthritis go through.

Excerpts from the book "The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel" written By Dr. John E. Croft

John Croft is a marine scientist currently researching the nutritional and therapeutic properties of substances derived from the sea - in particular those of the extract from the extraordinary green lipped mussel. The author wishes it to be understood that the information in his book relates only to the New Zealand mussel extract which has been the subject of all published research. No responsibility is accepted for any imitation products which may be claimed to be the same material.

Acknowledgement: Biolane® Green Lipped Mussel Extract from Healtheries of New Zealand.

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