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A lady in Auckland, New Zealand says :

"some years ago I developed pain and stiffness in my right shoulder which was diagnosed as being due to rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor I consulted prescribed brufen tablets and subsequently sent me to a hospital where I underwent treatment, finally having cortisone injections (which I might say were cruelly painful and did not seem to give lasting relief).

At times, the pain reduced me to tears and I am not a weak woman. My only other relief was to sit in the hot pools at Waiwera where the thermal water gave temporary comfort.

I obtained a supply of mussel extract capsules and before taking them I asked my doctor if he had any objection to me trying the mussel extract. He said that he had no objection and would be interested to hear of my reaction to them. At the time they were not available as prescription medicine, he said, but I was more than willing to pay for them and commenced the first course the next day.

I did not experience any side effects although I did notice some soreness in the first few weeks as described in the leaflet.

I am delighted to explain that I have regained complete use of my right arm. I am able to reach up to cupboards over my head and to carry shopping bags, clean windows and perform most household duties. I might add that at worst of my 'illness' I was unable to hold a pen firmly in my hand and was in almost constant pain - especially during damp and cold weather".

Excerpts from the book "The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel" written By Dr. John E. Croft

John Croft is a marine scientist currently researching the nutritional and therapeutic properties of substances derived from the sea - in particular those of the extract from the extraordinary green lipped mussel. The author wishes it to be understood that the information in his book relates only to the New Zealand mussel extract which has been the subject of all published research. No responsibility is accepted for any imitation products which may be claimed to be the same material.

Acknowledgement: Biolane® Green Lipped Mussel Extract from Healtheries of New Zealand.

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