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Osteo-Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Spondylitis
Testimonial of a 52-year-old woman, suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis whose condition improved after taking GLME along with Boswellia Serrata.    (translated into English from Hindi)

 "Till April 1994 I was a healthy woman. I did not have any type of disease. But after that, there was tumor in my uterus and I got operated for it. After that, in 1997 I had problem of B.P (high) and also when I used to wake up in the morning I had severe pain in both ankles. But the pain reduced after taking bath. During that period I took Indocap SR (indomethacin-sustained release) tablets. I got relief only for a few months.

Then my doctor suggested undergoing an arthritis test, which confirmed that I was having Rheumatoid Arthritis. I took tablets for it i.e. Wyslone (prednisolone), Shelzapyring etc. but the factor increased at an alarming rate. I took various painkillers as well. My body got addicted to Wyslone and I could not do anything
without taking this tablet. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I had to increase the dose of Wyslone resulting in several side effects. My teeth got infected, no taste by tongue, there were blisters on my tongue, excessive hair falling, excessive swelling all over the body, the joints became very stiff. I had to lie in bed the whole day. Drinking water was also a problem because of blisters in my mouth.

In the month of June, I did not even like fan and felt relief in front of a heater. During this period I was having constant fever, which was not controlled even after taking so many antipyretics. When my condition got worse, I was advised by my doctor to get hospitalized. In the hospital, when I was tested for RH factor, it was 1024 (I was admitted in July 2001). Doctors also said this was a significant rise of the RH factor considering that I was having arthritis for last 3 years only. I was hospitalized for 15 days during which I took the following tablets:

  • Arava
  • Methotrexate
  • Nimulid Iron tablets
  • Amlong A (for B.P.)

The fever was not controlled but the swelling got reduced. I had to take daily 2-3 antipyretics.

In Nov 2001, I started taking GLME along with Methotrexate and Nimulid and no other tablets. Rheumatoid factor in Dec 2001 was 350. Now in April 2002 it is 129. Pain is still there in legs, (especially ankles), hands, and knees. Some eye problem has also started. I cannot eat any spicy foods also. My kidney and liver (KFT, LFT) are normal.

Still the problem is I cannot work in a standing position for a long period of time and also cannot sit by bending my knees (i.e. I cannot sit on floor). Without taking painkillers I am not able to do even the routine works for the whole day. I need to take 1-2 painkillers a day and for the last 4-5 months fever has also been controlled.

In June 2001 my weight was about 80kg now it is 70kg (approx)."


Before taking Biolane® GLME (Seatone) After taking Biolane® GLME (Seatone)

Could not lift my hands.

Now I can lift my hands, though left is better than the right. I can dress without help.
Could not climb stairs. Now I can climb slowly.
I had severe pain in both hands and both legs. Now there is pain in right hand and right leg only.
I felt cold even during summers. Now according to the weather change.
Excessive swelling over the entire body. No swelling now. Reoccurs in the right leg on standing for 2-3 hrs at a stretch, reduces on resting.
Did not feel like eating anything the whole day. Do feel hungry now, but not at night.
Earlier I could not do any kitchen work. Now I can do almost everything, except heavy work.
I had problem with fingers of both hands; could not fist them. Now left hand fingers are fine but right hand fingers still pain on fisting.
Due to blisters in my mouth I had to swallow food with water. Now blisters are reduced; can eat food with much ease.
It was very difficult to walk; my legs used to shake, especially when on road. Now I can walk; even go to the nearby market.
Excessive hair loss. Very much in control now.
I felt uneasy while sitting or even lying down. Now I feel tired only after standing for a long time, and do feel like lying down.
After taking all these medicines, today I feel 80% improvement but I still feel pain without Nimulid.

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