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This testimonial defines Significant relief by Biolane® Extract (Seatone) in Ankylosing Spondylitis

Firstly, I am thankful to Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone) for my recovery I was suffering from severe “ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS’ as well as ARTHRITIS of knees from the last 2 year. I had tried many medicines both Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathy too from reputed hospitals but there was no relief. The pain was increasing day by day and I was totally dependent on the painkillers continuously for 2 years.
But one day, I read an advertisement in the newspaper of “Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone).” I Searched each and every detail of Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone) on the internet and then when I got satisfied with my research, I talked to “Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone)” consultant and ordered one bottle of Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone).
To my Surprise, within one month, I started feeling better. I had started taking my medicine in June 07 and till today,
I can say that I am 70-80% better. I think, I should say that I am 100% better because the person who can’t walk and sit properly and now–a–days, I am doing my walk regularly.
I want to add that I am taking this medicine from the last 3 months WITHOUT ANY PAINKILLERS only Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone). I am the managing director of “Janvi Motels” as well as “Janvi Enterprises”, means I am a woking lady. These details which I am giving you are the facts. Anybody can contact me, anytime with the permission of “Perma Healthcare”, But I can say results may vary from person to person. I am greatly thankful to Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone).

With regards and good Wishes

Date : 25.09.2007

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