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Delhi Times (The Times of India) 23-Nov-2007

John croft is a world renowned marine scientist associated with research on the nutritional and therapeutic properties of substances derived from the sea – in particular the extract from the extraordinary New Zealand Green- Lipped Mussel (now known as Biolane GLME) that is showing relief in treating the symptoms of arthritis. Croft is visiting India to address a seminar at CDRI Lucknow on Natural healthcare products from the sea.

How did you discover that the New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel had properties that could be used to treat arthritic diseases?

There was a research to see whether marine molluscs (shellfish) contained a possible treatment for cancer The research came back as inconclusive as a cure for cancer, but the trials indicated that the GLM demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory activity since anti-inflammatory drugs are used to treat arthritis, it was thought that an extract of the GLME might prove valuable.

How can the GLME successfully treat arthritis?

It’s effective in treating rheumatoid and Osteo forms of arthritis. The anti-inflammatory activity is due to a carbohydrate complex that inhibits the emigration of neutrophils from blood vessels. The soldier cell (neutrophils) is inhibited from attacking our own cells when an inflammatory stimulus is present, reducing inflammation. The product that has natural gastro protective properties doesn’t damage the delicate stomach lining, but provides a protective function for it.

Osteoarthritis is a different form of the disease. How can the product function for both the diseases?

The discovery of the chondro-protective activity of glucosamines and chondroitin sulphates is the answer. Biolane GLME has a natural content of glycosaminoglycans and this is the name for a group of polysaccharides that includes chondroitin sulphate among a few others such as dermatan sulphate, hyaluronic acid etc. These glycosaminoglycans are used by the body for the biosynthesis of compounds called proteoglycans. Proteoglycans have a strong affinity for water molecules in the joints. To which they bind, and form large, slippery, space filling molecules. Their function is to act as shock absorbers and lubricants in the joints. The anti-inflammatory activity relieves the inflammatory component of rheumatoid arthritis coupled with chondroprotective activity, which relieves the physical problem of degenerative joint condition (osteoarthritis).

What is the recommended daily usage of Biolane GLME?

The normal level is based on about one gm of the Biolane extract powder per day for the average adult. This equates to two of the 500mg Biolane GLME capsules each day but there is no danger in doubling this level if desired. There have been occasions where doubling the level has achieved results that were not apparent at the recommended level but this has not been a general finding.

Biolane GLME ingredient is manufactured by Healtheries of New Zealand and is now available in India under the brand name Seatone through their authorized representative-Perma Healthcare. Seatone GLME is a trusted brand for the last 30 years and is sold in oveer 30 countries. The cost for this therapy of 1000 mg/day in India is Rs 50/day for the first three months. Which can be later reduced to 500mg / day. i.e. Rs 25 /day.

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